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Tips To Create More Fun And Playfulness With Your Partner

robo-moMy husband and I spend a lot of time together. We have gone on 3-week vacations together, in which we are with each other almost 24 hours of every single day. And like any other couple, we do have friction from time to time, but we never get tired of being around each other. We haven’t needed to “take a break” or retreat to our respective “caves”.

Why? My theory is two-fold. We are able to spend so much time together because we allow each other our own space (even when we are together) and because we are playful and have fun with each other.

While writing this, I realized that having a great relationship with someone really has more to do with having a great relationship with yourself first. Think about it…if you have a lot of doubts, fear and negativity in your own life, what do you really have to offer to another person, besides a warm body at night?

A common value that my husband and I share is that we are both COMMITTED to evolving

Relationship Tips For Connecting Communication

Triangle_300xHave you ever been trying to talk with your partner about an issue that is difficult for you or has been a point of disagreement between the two of you and one or both of you simply shut down and close the other out? As you probably already know, the way in which you communicate about this tricky topic can make the difference between you two moving closer together and reaching a resolution or the two of you moving further apart.

You may have experienced past discussions where, on some level, communication breaks down and one or both of you disconnect. This place of disconnection is not only detrimental to you and your mate reaching a satisfying agreement about the tricky topic, it can also stand in the way of your relationship being as close and loving as it can be.

Here are 10 relationship tips to help you connect while communicating…

Tip #1: Tune in first

If at all possible, take a few moments by yourself to tune into your feelings about what it is you want

Healthy Relationship Tips

202f3c5d7359447986bb7e2fbedc02eeAre you always looking for healthy relationship tips? Do you sometimes wonder whether you’re doing all you can to make the most of your relationship? Do you need help making love last? Most of us need some advice from time to time, and sometimes healthy relationship tips can come from unexpected places. Often, though, the answer is where you least expect it to be – inside yourself.

Start With a Smile

Have you ever noticed that a yawn is contagious? What about a smile? A smile that starts from the eyes and involves all the muscles of your face – in other words, a real smile, is contagious – just like a yawn is. People who see genuine smiles on the faces of others feel like smiling themselves.

One of the best healthy relationship tips is this: Smile at your partner as often as possible. Look in his or her eyes, think about how wonderful he or she makes you feel, and smile slowly. The response will be instantaneous, and negativity will melt away.


When is

Tips to Keep Your Woman Happy

Tips-To-Keep-Your-Husband-HappyGuys, do you know how to handle relationships? Here are some relationship tips for men to help you keep your woman happy.

Ten Relationship Tips For Men To Keep Your Woman Happy

Tip 1. The first of my relationships tips for men is to always be yourself. I don’t know why it is, but many men don’t feel that they are good enough to catch a beautiful, sexy woman, so they feel they have to put on a show. But, you know something? Most women will tell you that a confident man is the sexiest beast around. Have you ever noticed that some of the ugliest guys have some of the prettiest women? That is because they display a level of confidence that women find more attractive than physical looks.

Tip 2. you don’t have to be over elaborate to impress her. Little things mean a lot. Things like leaving a note for her in the house, saying simply “I love you”, or giving her a bag of her favourite sweets from time to time. Most men think in

How to Maintain Close and Intimate Friendships

img_21532In this fast and furious world, it can be difficult to establish and maintain truly close and intimate friendships. People are busy; people are running to and fro at a frantic pace with barely a chance to keep all their plates spinning at one time. As such, even the most infectious personality can juggle two or three two or three close friends at a time. Since truly close relationships are so rare, it cannot hurt to learn extra insights into making friendships work. This article will discuss more tips for maintaining close and intimate friendships.

Find the Best in Others

The first tip is to proactively seek out the best in others. These days we are constantly barraged with bad news about the faltering economy and shocking discoveries of corruption. It is so easy to become cynical and think the worst. This attitude can leak into our relationships too. However, if you want to maintain your close and intimate friendships you need to force yourself to believe the best of your friends and acquaintances. Being proactive to believe the best

How to Find New Friends

how-to-make-new-friends-003-women-having-fun-things-to-do-with-friends-001-bikingWhen you are younger friendship seemed to come naturally. You sat next to each other every day in math class, you both wore a green shirt to school, you’re a similar age to a co worker in the office or you latch on to the friends of your chosen partner. As we grow up and go through life it becomes harder to make lasting connections with people. Your life can turn into a sea of acquaintances in the blink of an eye. No matter how many pottery classes you take, gym classes you join or volunteer session you do it can be very hard to make lasting friendships with people.

Don’t stress! There are lots of ways to make new friends in our age by following a few simple steps and keeping a positive mind in your mission to find new friends.

Tip 1) Initial contact is the most important step! Although it may seem weird to say to someone of the same sex would you like to go for coffee sometime. If you add that you are new in

Tips to Make Friendship Strong

p_101481704Friendship consists of trust, belief and understanding. Many poets have written lots of quotes to teach us about its importance in life. Many people want to make lots of friends but they don’t know art of making new friends. Many girls and boys make friends but they do not know how to keep friends, sometime they keep friends but don’t know how to make them feel happy. There are many misunderstandings occur in every relationships but many people don’t know how to avoid those complications. They don’t even know how to say sorry to their friends.

This article is all about how to make your friendship unbreakable with the help of some good quotes and jokes. I am sure that you will overcome all of your weakness after going through it.

So here we go:-

Yes, ego is the killer of any relationship. Always remember this quote “Life is nothing without friends.” You should keep your ego aside while making up with your mates. Sometimes, your friends are so busy to call/meet you, sometimes they could not express

How to be Romantic in Long Distance Relationships

long-distance-relationships-like-crazyThroughout our experience working with long distance couples, we frequently heard that long distance relationship does not have the elements of romance in it. This is not caused by the lack of love in long distance relationship but couples in such situation just do not know how to be romantic to each other. Romance in long distance relationship is necessary and it can make your relationship stronger regardless how far your lover may be.

There are million of things you can do to increase the romance in your long distance relationship. The basic rule here is to build your ability to show your distance partner that you really cherish and value the relationship throughout your LDR. Below are some of the areas you must understand and practice in order to increase the romance in your long distance relationship.

Sweet Talk
Communication is the most important thing in a long distance relationship and you must be able to talk sweetly over the telephone or any cheap channel that you can grab hold. Tell your partner that how you have missed and

How To Save A Long Distance Relationship

dating-12-300x300Long distance relationships can be really tough at times. When there is a problem or issue between the couple, it can be even harder because you’re not physically there to work on the problems. However, they can be saved if you know some essential tips and tricks. In this article, we will discuss some important things you should know for how to save a long distance relationship. With a bit of luck and these tricks, you can save your relationship and keep your partner happy.

“Sometimes, a Phone Call Isn’t Enough.”

Usually, a long distance relationship relies on the telephone to fuel it. However, when there are problems in the relationship, sometimes a phone call isn’t enough. You may have to plan a weekend visit in order to spend time with your partner and try to iron out the problems. If the problems aren’t that serious, why not send her a bouquet of flowers and a hand-written note telling her just how much you love her and cherish her? This is a bit different from a phone call and it’s

Tips for Beginning a Long Distance Relationship

keuntungan dan kerugian long distance relationshipYou know that general rule where there is always an exception to a rule? Long distance relationships are no exception to that. These relationships are not for everyone because not a lot of us can stand being apart from the other.

Distance, this is just one of the main reasons why people avoid getting into a relationship. This is probably due to the belief that being separated from the person you love will be the start of a very complicated relationship, which will eventually end up at the end of it. However, is it really the general ending of what could have been the start of a happily ever after? No, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. A story could have multiple endings. We are the authors of our fate, we decide what ending we are going to have.

Getting into a long distance relationship is admittedly going to be much more difficult than those regular short distance ones. Obviously, the couple has to deal with the distance and everything that comes along

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship Tips

6Whether your partner is in the just in the next state, next country or some continent far away, maintaining a long distance relationship is truly challenging, and it takes some unique skills and dedication to make it work…

The dedication part is up to you, but in this article I will share some tips/advice on how to make your long distance relationship work.

Tip 1: Decide to be committed- Long distance relationships require a huge time commitment. Just think of all the time you’ll spend making and receiving phone calls, composing and sending SMS, MMS, emails and even letters, and you’ll begin to understand just how much time you’ll need to commit. Not to talk of the time you’ll spend travelling to see your lover. Time commitment is the life blood of a long distance relationship, and once you have decided that you truly love and want to be with this other person then you need to commit time to the relationship.

Tip 2: Decide to trust and to be trustworthy – Nothing rocks the foundation of a long

Four Ways to Stay Friends After a Big Move

rs_300x300-140827103623-600.Friends-Central-Perk.jl.082714You are making a big move, yes, you are moving to another country, or perhaps to another Province or State and you are apprehensive. Apprehensive because you do not know what is ahead of you, yet, you are looking forward to it, but at the same time, you are leaving an area with which you are so familiar and you are leaving your friends behind. Yes, your friends and as you think about them, your eyes swell with tears, but you blink them away and clear your throat.

You and your friends have made the promise of staying in touch with one another and you have double check the addresses and telephone numbers. Nevertheless, you are concerned, because you have made that promise to others before and within a month or so, it was broken.

Therefore, this time around, you do not want it to happen again, you would like to fulfill that promise. Well, since that is the case, four ways that will be helpful in keeping in touch after a big move are:

Write Letters – Emails

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

long-distance-relationshipLong distance relationship are very common in the world today, but most of them fail due to numerous reasons. If you are wondering how to make a long distance relationship work, you just have to make sure you avoid the problems in most break up of relationship. If you can avoid these certain points, you are guaranteed to have a successful and happy relationship with your partner!

There are a lot of long distance relationship tips. The first is making sure that you trust each other. Trust is probably the most important factor in making a relationship work. If you mistrust each other, you will always be feeling uncomfortable and afraid of your partner doing something else. If you learn to trust each other, you have the ability to feel safe and know that your partner is being completely honest with you! Without trust, the relationship is sure to be a failure, so trust is the most important tip in how to make a long distance relationship work!

The second tip in long distance relationship tips is that you must

Online Dating Tips for Busy Professionals

Depositphotos_74350913_l-2015-300x300Online dating is becoming more and more popular with people turning to the internet for the source of communication over face to face, at least for the preliminary steps of getting to know someone. Online dating is convenient because you have a wider range of people to choose from, you can view profiles before you even start talking and with things like video calling, email and instant messaging, you can get many of the early stages of dating and getting to know each other done in the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in this form of dating, then it’s important to keep in mind some online dating tips so that your journey will end in success, not in heartbreak, fraud and even online theft or other problems.

One of the most important things to do is to do a careful job in your profile. Make sure that you are being honest about yourself, what you do, who you are and what you’re interested in. Make sure you have a photo no more than nine months old and

Tips for a Safe Winning Date on the Internet

online-dating-safetyIt is without a doubt that finding partners online is a trend that is on the rise. More and more people are interested in searching for online dating tips so they can discover the perfect love on the Internet because it provides a wider variety of prospects. As an addition, participating to an online dating site can also eliminate awkwardness with someone before actually meeting in person.

Unfortunately, the fact is that people often fail in finding the right person on the Internet because they do not know the do’s and don’ts of dating online. If you want to find a successful date in this virtual world, you can practice the following tips.

1. Create an appealing profile

Most people do not want the hassle to write an interesting profile. The fact is that, your profile plays a significant role in determining whether a person is going to contact you or not. Therefore, you should create a positive and interesting profile.

Use your most recent photos, and do not state negative things about yourself. You should also not

Online Dating Tips For the Old and New

How-to-Optimize-Your-Dating-Profile-300x300For singles looking for love but don’t have time to go to bars or hit the singles scene there is hope for you. Online dating is a popular and accepted way to meet people from the safety of your home. Millions of people go online everyday looking for that special someone. In the next few minutes we will give you some dating tips that will help you find true love online.

One of our first online dating tips is to look for an dating web site that caters to the people with the same interests as you have. Look for one that has a large membership. The more members the dating web site has the better your chances of finding romance. One drawback to a large membership is the possible date you find may live in another part of the country. Large dating sites are likely to charge you a hefty fee to join.

Next in our online dating tips is to pick which type of dating site you want to join. Do you want to join one that charges

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Internet to Get Dates

3-300x300If you’re looking for online dating tips for guys then you should know that the Internet has revolutionized the way singles date in the modern world. Men are now embracing this tool because it allows them to meet interesting women from all over the world which they would never have run into in the course of their routine daily lives. If you are actively looking for a few good women to date or are ready to settle down with the woman of your dreams, chances are good you will find what you dream of online.

You can find a lot of tips that help you meet women online successfully, but most resources don’t tell you the big mistakes that you need to avoid. Following are just three of the big no-no’s when finding women online for real world relationships.

Online Dating Tips For Guys Mistake #1: Making yourself look like someone you are not.

One of the biggest differences between meeting women through the Internet and meeting them in the real world is the women can’t see you on

General Rules Men Must Follow When Dating

34d22cd3b0656e184da6bb3fe26911d5Dating women is quite difficult for men because it is very hard to figure out what women want! Our online dating tips for men will help you, and make you clear about how to start dating a woman. There are tips about what clothes you have to wear while dating to keep you attractive. You should be decently dressed. That makes women want to watch you.

With the best online dating tips for men and the right approach, you can impress any woman easily. Here are some general dating rules for men to date a woman.

Neatly dressed: Try to wear some nice clothes and shoes. Women generally look at your shoes. Do not wear clothes that do not suit you. If she thinks you cannot maintain your dress, then how will you maintain her throughout your life?
Be stylish: Go to the barber shop, trim your beard, and be stylish in your dress. A professional shave will help in giving a good impression to women. Online dating tips for men are mainly for making men to easily attract women.

Tips You Should Know When You Plan To Date Online

that-first-online-dateSo you have a special someone online and you would really want to get to know this person more. You are actually several miles away from each other and the only thing you can do is date online for the time being. How should you act? How must you carry out a successful date with that special person you have? Below are several online dating tips that you need to consider.

Be Yourself

It is important for any dating relationship to have both partners be themselves as much as they can. Because it is an online relationship, the only thing you can do to show your real self is by speaking the truth. There are many online relationships that do end up simply because one person in the relationship did not have the guts to be real.

Find A Common Time To Date

In online relationships where the two people involved may be a thousand of miles away from each other, time is an important factor. Find a common time that will be convenient for the both of