3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using the Internet to Get Dates

3-300x300If you’re looking for online dating tips for guys then you should know that the Internet has revolutionized the way singles date in the modern world. Men are now embracing this tool because it allows them to meet interesting women from all over the world which they would never have run into in the course of their routine daily lives. If you are actively looking for a few good women to date or are ready to settle down with the woman of your dreams, chances are good you will find what you dream of online.

You can find a lot of tips that help you meet women online successfully, but most resources don’t tell you the big mistakes that you need to avoid. Following are just three of the big no-no’s when finding women online for real world relationships.

Online Dating Tips For Guys Mistake #1: Making yourself look like someone you are not.

One of the biggest differences between meeting women through the Internet and meeting them in the real world is the women can’t see you on the spot. When you walk into the bank and lock eyes with a beautiful woman she is seeing you as you are in that moment, not as you were as the high school football hero ten years ago.

It can be tempting to put an older picture up on your dating profile or to lie a bit about where you work, what type of car you drive, or how old you are. Maybe the picture is just a few years old and that doesn’t seem like a lot, but if it shows you with a full head of hair and you’re now half bald, it is too old to use online.

You may meet more women online with these small lies and older pictures, but what happens when you do meet that perfect woman and want to take the relationship offline? She is going to see the mistruths and the relationship is going to suffer.

Online Dating Tips For Guys Mistake #2: Don’t be overly direct about what you want.

Yes, you may be online looking for a woman to have your children, move into your home, and be a stay at home mother, but you don’t want to put all that out there online. Let your profile speak to your personality and tell women what you have to offer on a personal level. Let it be known if you are looking for a serious relationship or just some casual connections. Then leave it at that.

Women can easily get overwhelmed when they know that a man wants a very deep relationship right from the beginning. They should be able to get to know you before you throw all of your deep desires out there.

Online Dating Tips For Guys Mistake #3: Don’t act your age.

Women love a man with wisdom and maturity, but most are looking for a man that can be fun and lighthearted as well. If you have a humorous, side bring it out through your online interactions and put some reflections of that in your profile. If you are edgy and unique in some ways display it so women who find that attractive can come to you.

Any and all online dating tips for guys that you read should remind you that meeting women online should be fun! If you feel uptight or take it too seriously you are likely doing some things incorrectly. Remember, you aren’t out to marry all of these women so it doesn’t hurt to chat to a variety of women and get to know them.