Four Ways to Stay Friends After a Big Move

rs_300x300-140827103623-600.Friends-Central-Perk.jl.082714You are making a big move, yes, you are moving to another country, or perhaps to another Province or State and you are apprehensive. Apprehensive because you do not know what is ahead of you, yet, you are looking forward to it, but at the same time, you are leaving an area with which you are so familiar and you are leaving your friends behind. Yes, your friends and as you think about them, your eyes swell with tears, but you blink them away and clear your throat.

You and your friends have made the promise of staying in touch with one another and you have double check the addresses and telephone numbers. Nevertheless, you are concerned, because you have made that promise to others before and within a month or so, it was broken.

Therefore, this time around, you do not want it to happen again, you would like to fulfill that promise. Well, since that is the case, four ways that will be helpful in keeping in touch after a big move are:

Write Letters – Emails etc.

Write letters to them, at least once a month and they can be delivered within the month, by the mail carrier or by electronic mail (Email) and they will get them instantly. Either way is good.


Make it a point of remembering their birthdays, wedding anniversary and any other dates that are important to them and send a card or a present or something “nice” for them.

Telephone – Internet

Since we are living in a technological age, it has become a lot easier for us to stay in touch with one another. Therefore, you should take the advantages that it offers. Set aside some time and telephone them at least once every two months, if you cannot do it every month.

It is wonderful to write to them, but there is nothing like hearing you friends’ voices. A voice can tell you many things. For example, it can tell if the speaker is happy or sad troubled or carefree etc.

As for the Internet, it takes things a little bit farther. Not only can you use it to talk with them, if you have a speaker, and this means you can talk without having to pay a telephone bill, but they can also see you. Yes, if you have a camera for the computer they will be able to see how much you have changed physically, or not and they will see your familiar smile.

Additionally, you can send pictures via the Internet.


When you get in touch with them, if they do not reply after a certain length in time, forgive them and write or call them again. Perhaps they are facing some challenging times and they may need your friendship even more now.