How to Maintain Close and Intimate Friendships

img_21532In this fast and furious world, it can be difficult to establish and maintain truly close and intimate friendships. People are busy; people are running to and fro at a frantic pace with barely a chance to keep all their plates spinning at one time. As such, even the most infectious personality can juggle two or three two or three close friends at a time. Since truly close relationships are so rare, it cannot hurt to learn extra insights into making friendships work. This article will discuss more tips for maintaining close and intimate friendships.

Find the Best in Others

The first tip is to proactively seek out the best in others. These days we are constantly barraged with bad news about the faltering economy and shocking discoveries of corruption. It is so easy to become cynical and think the worst. This attitude can leak into our relationships too. However, if you want to maintain your close and intimate friendships you need to force yourself to believe the best of your friends and acquaintances. Being proactive to believe the best will pep you up with enthusiasm which will draw your friends ever closer to you.

Listen Without Judgment

Second, be a shoulder to cry on and an ear that listens without judgment. I admit that I am not good at this. But, everyone needs a sympathetic ear to hear their heartaches and frustrations. No doubt such conversations should happen alone and remain confidential, but a good friend sits hand in hand with his or her dearest companions when they needs to shout “Unfair, unfair!”

Keep Embarrassing Moments Confidential

The third tip is to keep embarrassing moments confidential. This means that as far as it depends on you, you never gossip about a friend’s bloopers. Sure, people should be thick skinned and learn to laugh at themselves, but a close and intimate friendship lives off of trust, especially emotional trust. So be loyal to your bosom buddy when they are not present by not blabbing about their slip ups.

Maintaining close and intimate friendships is not easy in this fast paced life. This article discussed three tips for keeping warm relationships with your dearest companions.